Health and Security for Appartment Employees

What is risk assessment?

Risk assessment covers a report relating to the nearer establish and analysis of existing hazards as well the chance on possible hazards at the workplace, factors that can convert these hazards into risks or maybe aggravate, analyzing the risks in quantity and grade, and determining control measures in this.

The law does not distinction between an employer with 100 employees or 1 employee. Those who do not meet this obligation will be fined with 3.000 TL for January 2013 and for each following month 4.500 TL per month. The inspection will be carried out by the labor inspectorate. By determination of non-compliance, the local Occupational Health department will cash the fine.

Risk assessment should be carried out in groups. The department needs to be formed by the employer. According to the amended regulations, this department must consist of:  the employer or his representative, a representative of the employees, support staff, a knowledgeable representative of the employees about risk analysis, a labor doctor and an expert on occupational safety. The employer may, if desired, take off services from outside.

The presence of a labor doctor and a safety expert is not required (until 30 June 2014). These are not required for employers with less than 50 personnel and workplaces be termed as non-dangerous.

The instructions for making a risk assessment can be outsourced but you might even enter the data with the  instructions of the Ministry itself and signed by the board. The manual can be found on the Ministry’s website in Turkish.

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