Accidents happen everyday in Turkey, and unless you are totally to blame for your injuries you may be entitled to compensation for any pain, suffering or loss you may have incurred as a result. Being involved in an accident can be a very stressful and upsetting time and although a compensation award cannot make everything better, it can assist with any financial matters.   For you or on the behalf of your spouse or dependants we assist in:

  • Accident Claims        (Accidents at school, work, during trips)
  • Insurance Claims      (Motor, Health, Property, Life Insurance)
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Compensation
  • Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Claims Advice

  Our Claims Consultancy will provide:

  • Prompt service
  • Negotiation skills for fast interim payments and settlements
  • Proper consideration of all aspects of policy cover
  • Expert advice and negotiation of the loss and management of the claim
  • Legal Assistance

Injuries can happen at any time and you may not be aware of the claim you can make. Be in touch with our professionals dedicated to the effective management of injury claims.

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