Turkey is a candidate country to EU membership and developing its infrastructure and offers a rapidly growing market of 79 million people (01/2016). Since the comprehensive reform program has been initiated to attract foreign investment, Turkey’s social, economic and legislative environment is in such progress to align with the EU that it also offers an advantageous business environment. Our services of FDI in Turkey based on below listed areas:

Forming Businesses

  • Company establishment.
  • Branches and liaison offices.
  • Joint ventures, acquisition and merger.
  • Employment foreign personnel and legal services.

Due Diligence

Due diligence in corporate acquisitions should be very carefully done in Turkey due to that many companies results are not fully on paper. Acquisitions for the company (book) examination may go much further than just the study of the administration. All studies will include the contracts of the business, revenue, interviews with key personnel, etc. it is just what the buyer and seller agree on this.

Accounting and Auditing

As in many European countries, Turkey has the following profiles in the field of accounting:

  • Bookkeeper (Muhasebeci)
  • Accountant (Mali Müşavir)
  • Register Accountant (Yeminli Mali Müşavir)

Special Investment areas in Turkey

Turkey has many forms of special investment areas where there many cases on tax, VAT, sales tax, exemption from social charges and exemption from work permits could be applied. These areas can be distinguished:

  • Tax Free Zones
  • Investment areas for Technology
  • Investment areas for in Organized Industry
  • Investment areas for Developing areas

Investment in Real estate or Construction sector in Turkey

For your investment in property, please visit our pages about real estate consulting. Also for the valuation of property in Turkey, our real estate department can assist you.

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