How do I foresee returns and risks of a major acquisition in Turkey?

Suppose you are considering doing business in Turkey.
You see that Turkish entrepreneurs are increasingly professional and ambitious, in a growing Turkish economy.

Production costs and social costs are much lower than in most European countries.
You have good experience in working with Turkey, but an acquisition is a great adventure.

You do not have enough insight into the opportunities and risks of that step, although a substantial investment is involved.

  • How stable is the Turkish market?
  • Is it the perfect time to step up?
  • How to get a good picture of the business you want to takeover?

We can assist you in doing business and any merger and acquisition deals in Turkey.

ABC Consultancy will make it easy for you:

  • Advice in your own language, our team members speaks English.
  • Consultants with knowledge of European and Turkish tax matters and legal systems
  • ABC CONSULTANCY is also known as a Trust Company
  • Knowledge and experience with the International and European business world.
  • One account manager for consulting, legal advice, financial issues and tax advice.
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