A verification of a Turkish company is necessary for a foreign entrepreneur when he needs to buy a shelf company in this country or when he wants to conclude an important contract with a business partner. A businessman from abroad may contact me to order to make this verification.

The interest in developing a business in Turkey has grown in the last years due to the economic reforms of the Turkish authorities whose interest is to attract increasingly more foreign entrepreneurs. The reforms have brought hundreds of foreign investors every year and they incorporate their companies with the local Trade Register, the entity which may offer information about every company registered in this country.

Turkish companies are registered and published in the Trade Register Gazette. Searching in the register database, is resulting in a large amount of information which could be valuable for you business.

A verification study is an investigation into the authenticity or accuracy of documents or information. A research could be very useful and efficiently before participating or starting a due diligence in Turkey.

You can think to verify:

  • the representatives of the company
  • articles of associations
  • founders statements
  • Excerpt Chamber of Commerce
  • Apostille or Notarial Acts
  • Title Deeds
  • Medical treatments
  • Purchase Notes
  • Other matters

In case of services regarding company verification in Turkey. You can contact us directly.

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